Business Services

We offer the following services to assist you to achieve results in Ghana in a reliable and cost-effective way:

  • Conduct feasibility studies to arm you with valid data to support your investment decisions. Potential areas are technology, agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, financial.
  • Identifying partners, investors and key collaborators to make your business a success in Ghana.
  • Effectively manage your stakeholders during the startup phase, including setting up appointments for MMDAs, Banks and other entities.
  • Provide recruitment and staff outsourcing for all levels of employees for your business in Ghana.
  • Provide induction programs to facilitate cultural alignment for your business and its people.
  • We work with foreign-owned companies working in Ghana to understand and adhere to the local content commitments outlined in government’s regulations and policies.
  • Assist you to legally establish your business in Ghana by registering with the appropriate government, regulatory and administrative agencies, such as:
    • Registrar General’s Department, for company registration
    • Ghana Revenue Authority, for Value Added Tax (VAT), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Customs
    • Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), for registering and payment of social security contributions.
    • Bank of Ghana for permits for financial institutions
    • Ghana standards Authority (GSA)
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for environmental impact assessment.
    • Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (GFDA)
    • Petroleum Commission
    • Energy Commission
    • National Petroleum Authority

Provide no-obligation consultation and support from our US office in the Washington, D. C. Metro Area.